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Introducing Emma Dodi

Instantly recognisable hand-painted macarons and one-of-a-kind cakes are the stand out hallmarks of Emma Dodi, London.

Since establishing her business in late 2016, Emma has been dedicated to creating cakes, macarons, and sweet treats that radiate opulence and visual splendour, often bordering on being too beautiful to eat!

Emma's creations are a true reflection of her clients' personalities, characters, and unique styles. She firmly believes that every individual carries a distinctive story, and she possesses the skill to expertly translate their vision into reality, infusing character, elegance, and romance into each masterpiece. Her portfolio is as diverse as it is captivating, ranging from meticulously hand-piped floral designs to sleek, modern architectural wonders and from delicate floral representations to contemporary, cutting-edge designs. Emma's endless creativity is unmistakable in every project, and she enthusiastically embraces the challenge of infusing design into her delectable creations.

She enthusiastically shares, "I am driven by the creative process, and I relish the opportunity to create bespoke pieces that push the boundaries of culinary art. My projects consistently fill me with excitement and passion. The ultimate beauty and aesthetics of the final product are what fuel my dedication."