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Storage & Shelf Life

Macarons:  Macarons will last for 6 days from date of postage, but the sooner you eat them the more delicious they will be! Please keep your macarons in the fridge. To maximise their flavour please bring them out 20 minutes before serving.

Do not freeze the macarons.

Emma Dodi Cakes macarons are gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. 

All our macarons are sent out in our stunning rigid white linen lined boxes embossed with our gold EDC logo wrapped with a beautiful satin ribbon. We try to protect the environment in every way we can so we do not use single use plastic in our boxes.Please note, product colours & illustrations will vary from the images shown as every order is individually handmade and is truly unique! 


Cakes & Sweet Treats: Emma Dodi Cakes cakes & sweet treats are best consumed within 3 days of receipt. Please keep cakes and sweets in the fridge and bring them out 1-2 hours before serving.